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Meet the girls

Meet Tammie, Matt's wife. They have been married for 24 years, but together 30. Soulmates at best. They settled down in Rhode Island where they raised their two daughters Paige and Kara. They loved spending time with each other, whether it was a date night or just watching TV, they loved just being together. Matt made Tammie a better person. He was truly her hero. 

Meet Paige. Born in 2001, she is Matts first born daughter. She is every bit of her dad and is proud of it. She currently attends Rhode Island College, where she studies Marketing. She also works at Lowes (Matt loved it for the discount). Paige and Matt were peas-in-a-pod and loved doing anything and everything together, whether it be helping with projects around the house or working on the cars, they always enjoyed each others company. He was her best friend and the person she looks up to the most. 

Meet Kara. Born in 2004, she is Matts second born daughter. Following in the footsteps of her dad, she has decided to take a gap year after graduating in June 2022, however, she has her sights set on pursing a career in film. In their free-time, Matt and Kara loved hunting for ghosts and watching paranormal shows together. They loved taking secret outings to D'Angelos and Spirit Halloween when they were bored. Matt taught Kara many things, from how to draw and paint to the best ways to eat Mr. Goodbars (right out of the fridge). He also introduced her to a love of all kinds of music. They not only had the same sense of humor but were quite the sarcastic duo. He was Kara's role model and her biggest comfort.

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